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Jaime Mastranzo Ortega is a Watercolorist and Illustrator who studied Fine Arts in the Instituto de Artes Visuales in Puebla, Mexico.

After graduating, he chose to broaden his knowledge by travelling to the North of Mexico, Guatemala and Europe, where he participated in various workshops and collaborated with local artists.

As Watercolorist he captures his perception of his surroundings by means of colors and shapes. His distinctive personal style is characterized by the interaction of colors and the unique way of experimenting with the paint. Fascinated by fractals and volumes, his current art is defined by abstraction, concept and mixed technique.

Mastranzo’s artwork has been shown in various galleries, museums and festivals in Europe and Latin America.
The artist is the founder of the Festival of Emerging Arts “CENTRAL” that has been taking place annually since 2015 in Guatemala, and since 2019 also in El Salvador and Costa Rica.

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